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About the RAM usage of the server


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Hi, I have a server that has been running for about two years. I haven't delete the map archive during this period, but I find that each map occupies more and more memory(RAM), such as Gen 2, which needs about 14G, and Crystal Island, which needs 7G. Why do they occupy so much RAM, and is there any way to reduce the memory occupation? (without deleting the game archive)



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How recent were your servers restarted when you noticed this increase?

I've found that shortly after a restart, RAM usage tends to be higher than normal for all servers. After roughly an hour or so, the usage drops considerably (almost half for some maps). I assume it's due to mem use being optimized after they run for a period of time. 

That said, Gen2 is probably going to be your highest regardless. In addition to size, your players will always tend use that map to breed etc due to the available buffs etc. This means bigger bases, more tames, more activity etc. 

The other thing you may to look at is player count/tribe count etc and verify that you have a reasonable structure limit set as well as a decay/auto-destruction set if needed to remove inactive bases. 

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