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Why cant we put diplodorks on rafts?


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Well, I've tried putting a stego on a raft. Failed miserably. For some reason, the raft just spazzed out and went all over the place. A trike worked though, so I'd say there's some sort of drag weight limitation on rafts. Maybe motorboats would work...

Anyway, good luck with your raft troubles, and happy ARKing!

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On 10/17/2022 at 12:00 PM, SarahMonette said:

There Cnids in the water why can't I be allowed to raft a diplo?  There are no cryopods on my server don't even go there.

You can not put it directly on the raft in front of you.  Best way is to lower your foundations and then extend them beyond the original raft like outriggers.  Every creature other than platform saddled creatures, titans, titanasours and gigas cannot be moved, although I have never tried moving a giga but it probably will not work.

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6 hours ago, Castlerock said:

giga can be moved while on rafts, done it several times before with a taming trap built on a raft

Wild yes, but after tame? 



As far as I remember the cut off was 500 or 550.  I forget which, but anything over 500 or 550 and tamed should not work.

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