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Is it possible to create a dedicated hamachi server?


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hamachi is simply a VPN implementation. So if you get a dedicated server running on your lan that you can connect to - then the guy on the internet accessing your LAN with the vpn will also be able to join.
But the server box will have to "participate" in the VPN (I think that Hamachi assigns a different IP range to participating machines?). And the server box will have to be able to talk to and form the internet - because a dedicated server still needs to communicate to Steam / Ark servers, so you gotta do all the NAT & PortForward and etc. for that server box.
In short it is not possible to run a LAN only Ark server - the sever HAS to participate in Steam / Ark server browser and announcement. And getting your server running - the server will be accessible from the Internet as well as from the VPN .........

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