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pve The Empty Nexus x2T/x2H/x10XP [Fjordur]

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https://discord.gg/yFymW55vHh  (Rules are posted, please read through them, server IP in discord)

[Mod Collection]


500 stack multiplier with increased storage

2x Harvest, 2x Taming, 10x Exp
Baby Mature: 50x (Based off DinoStorage mod)
Mating Interval: 0.01x
Mating Speed: 2x
Egg Hatch: 10x
Wild Dino Food Drain: 1
Passive Tame Interval: 0.3

Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier: 2

Lay egg interval: 0.5

Player; 250


Dino; 500 +250 after tame lvls 


PvE with auto destroy structure and claimable dino decay
Decay timers on structures have the following intervals; Thatch - 8 days; Wood, Adobe - 16 days; Stone - 24 days; Greenhouse - 30 days; Metal - 32 days; Tek - 40 days. Auto destroy structures is enabled. Dinos decay in 30 days and are claimable after that time period to whoever claims them first.

We have dino giveaways, color mutated and non-color mutated, every week! Must be an active part of our discord to be eligible!

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