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Hello you cheeky scrub lord who stole my dodo lola again, today i will be talking about how i feel about pvp in general and how i think it can be improved


1: sever cap, may the ark gods bless you and your very sanity if a hostile tribe floods your sever and it's a 5v60+ good luck defending that, not many people survive these sorts of assaults, hence why you see alot of people "bed hop" in a attmep to crash the sever or the one thing i hate...doss attacks


2: the fact that there are no turrets to keep up with todays meta, especially soakers today have so much health and if you slap a good enough saddle you could literally soak a hours worth of grinding in just a few minutes or less and less counters


It takes no skill at all and say what you want "just go scout em" or whatever excuse, imagine your a solo or not in a mega tribe...only mega tribes to an extent can last against such trolls


3: the last complaint i can think of is the turrets themselves and to add insult to injury...100 turret limits, really wild card? Who the heck is someone goin protect their base with only 100 turrets? Say you do half...50 heavys and the rest tek turrets


Guess what turtles have a % resistance to tek turrets from a buff they got and what's worse is any bullets your heavys shoot that lands on their shell is reduced


May the mighty dodo bless you if they yuti buff em which adds a plus to any damage resistance, even stegos...in all if you do not counter these dinos with bleeders then trolls can walk into your base with stegos and chess your base defense


Here's how i would fix these issues that would make pvp more fair and balanced...or the closest we'll ever get


A: sever cap, lets say the enemy tribe has 60 on right now, the sever should allow anyone who is tribed on your team able to log in that matches the enemy till a certain value (with 70 being the default cap) this will get rid of the "flood" strat and allow the tribe to have a fair chance to fight back


B: get rid of turret caps all together, even when the heavy was made to "replace" autos, being locked at 100 turrets is a joke, below is some turret options I think would be fair, feel free to take a look if you wish


rocket turret:

shoots rockets at a higher  Velocity and depending on ammunition will change it's behavior, does not lost durability

Normal rockets and missiles:

shoots two at a time, 2x the range of a heavy but "relaods" moderately slowy then a survivors rocket, homming missiles have 4x range...much slower reloads and can be fooled by flares and smoke grenades blocks their los


Bolt turret:

think of what made the bas turret great with it's knock back plus it's ability to ignore some armor but made as a auto turret, however it has the health of a auto and relaods at the speed of two survior rocket relaods, it's range is only slighty longer then a heavys range


Can be damage by poison gas


That is all scurb lords, stay safe and be nice to my dodo!



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honestly there's no saving ark 1 pvp issues. Don't even have time to get to all the balance issues with all the cheating but the only savior is ark 2 (potentially). They need to change a lot that would require a new game. Base attacking/defending needs to be totally different because like you said, turrets are bad and the turret limit is bad, but without it the lag gets crazy. Most people don't even soak bases most of the time for years now, you can always just cheese your way in. Server capping literally can't be fixed with server transfers enabled, even if the cap was 30 members per tribe people will just use 3 tribes, or just tribeless people to fill the server but not help directly in fighting, no way to reliably detect which tribes are working with each other. A million more issues that were not thought out when they added them to the game that pretty much can't be fixed at this point like infinite breeding, cryos making the game to easy/lame (everyone got a pocket giga/can bring a whole raptoring brigade of dinos on a mana) etc.

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