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Hello Everyone 

after several back and forth to the rockwell innards in my official pve server i noticed a lot of (lvl 1 ) bodies on the entrance

and because i never ever saw a mutagen bulbs on my server

 i knew that those players has nothing to do with their lives but collect mutagen bulbs and it's ruining the game experience for other players because when u see that you are going to do the same as them and it's gonna be a chaos so i thought about it and what i think is the best solution is to have a spoil timer on the  r-seeds so those players don't stuck hundreds OR treat the mutagen bulbs and the r-seeds as trophies so players can't transfer with it to another server and in this way ONLY the players who plays on the same server can get that mutagen bulbs 🙂

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Situation is created by developers with rarity and respawn timer  on r seeds. So if a player want acquirement and unlock note it he need to try on several gen2 servers till he get one. Also because of rarity is almost impossible to get r-seed. In the end who wouldn't want to have prime meat or prime fish meat in any time in his base?

If you could collect r-seeds like berries you would not have that problems.

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