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Ark 1 transition to Ark 2


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So, ark 2 is perhaps one year away or two. However, Ark 1 still putting out content. Nevertheless, my question is why we are still dealing with the same issues as last year. I think for those who took a long break coming back to your old server and finding out the 3x still makes things worst in fighting bosses or just playing around in the map makes you question why we are even bothering having 2x events. WE DO NOT NEED THEM! Dinos are already good enough on official servers to not need 2x or even 3x. And yes, even for new players you can usually get donations of farmers or eggs to grow your own farming dinos top stat. With that being said, Ark 2 seems like the more it feels like I want to care about I am one of those who probably might not transition unless I see this fixed on Ark 1. I think the ultimate test for Ark devs is Fixing common sense issues. No more 3x events to keep server stable to actually play Ark on official servers would be a good start. Also, checking at least once a month random servers for pillaring issues. I think 970 pve official has a massive issue with the entire map (no exaggeration) being pillared. Weather Ark wants to accept complains or not I think a lot of people will wait on Ark 2 to be played by the few willing to transition to tested out. I am one of those. Not to mention the lack of possible tek is a bit disappointing. I do understand the whole Survival aspect but the lack of payoff in Ark boss system is pretty lame. 


Things I want in ark 2:

1. Making Dinos more personal. Have 1 dino Evolved would be a much better way to imprint on the rider. The more you ride it and the more it survives the better its imprint should be. 

2. Not having Ark bosses insta kill your dinos if you die. Hear me out! i know there needs to be a risk. However, Ark official servers are not stable enough to run smoothly on bosses often. Specially on 3x or 2x events. Which happen to be when most people can actually play. Just today I lost 19 theriz and one yuti trying to do the boss on Fjordur just because the server kept lagging and causing glitches like my dinos being scared of the Dragon on server 1187 pve official pc. They kept running away as i was literally pressing "Attack this Target". Not losing your dinos would be a nice thing on 3x or 2x to the very least. I guess we can all agree on 1x Ark can just leave it to kill all. But not on 2x. 

3. Special event dinos should be none breedable with dinos outside of the event. That way people can breed special color dinos to sell or trade ingame. 


Side note:

The new wolf needs to be breed-able. It is a single dinos that takes 6 bosses to kill to just get it. It also has worst capabilities than a regular tame thyla. That makes 0 sense. And no, having the ability to be a glorified fridge for milk is not enough to justify it. The dinos looks cool but you might as well just play with a shadowmane if that is the case. 


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I agree with imprints, they need some work rather than shoving a mejo berry in its mouth every 8 hours.. 

I don't think boss arena should be lose everything, more often than not I've lost everything due to being disconnected or crashing, boss arenas need to be able to return to, maybe by going back to the obi and having the option to 'join arena', however your dinos will have to get on with it in your absence 

I have to disagree strongly with this one. I am a color breeder (color > stats) and i have level 1 solid colors for many dinos that have taken me many many generations to get. I have had to breed some of them hundreds of times to get base stats and solid colors. Wild dinos almost never are solid colors or the exact combo i want, if you take that away you leave only stats. The value of a color dinos would be almost nothing without good stats to go with it which you remove by not being able to breed them.


Anyway, i think ark2 is going to be something very different, so far sounds like a 3rd person dark souls kind of game.

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