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Why is the word "blood" censored??


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Because that word is incredibly offensive! Honestly, I'm shaking just writing this. As someone with hemophobia, you saying that is a direct act of violence towards me. It's pretty insensitive and ignorant of you to even question this, and also my legitimacy as a human!










This was a joke btw, don't get confused.

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25 minutes ago, Bobcant said:

Thanks, Joe. I will.


It's also sooooo annoying. You type out an entire sentence just to watch it get sent to /dev/null leaving you trying by trial and error to figure out which word(s) caused it.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie..."

"I like big butts and...

"I like big..."

'I like" - That makes it through chat.


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15 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

The chat filter on the Xbox version of the game (maybe Win10 as well) is run by and through Xbox Live's chat API. It's the reason you can't name your dino certain things and say certain things in chat. You would be better off asking Microsoft why.

I find it funny I can't even use certain words or phrases in search of my own personal inventory.....Take a bear out, slap some honey and berries so they won't eat the honey, and I can't type Ho in my own inventory to seperate the berries from the honey. x.x

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14 hours ago, Kristofer said:

I ;ive on Valguero coords 10 95, have told people that many times. After PAX started the number 10 has now been censored, not sure microsoft would have done that

Why not? They have a well established history making what seem like silly and nonsensical choices in what they censor.

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