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On 8/22/2022 at 11:32 AM, R34jeromegtr said:

I can’t get that 3% high tier bp to drop :( are my fish not big enough I’m catching nothing but over 2

RNG man. Gotta keep at it till lady luck smiles on you. Either that, or there is a cap on BP's as well in beginner servers. Might try and see if thats a thing or not.....I could see it tho. Max level tame, imprint, and a super saddle......there would be not stopping that player until the next wipe.

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17 hours ago, R34jeromegtr said:

Ok it is still possible to get giga saddles from fishing right?

I did get one, but it was on extinction......we already had one, but couldn't figure out where it went, but we had some new tames that came with the map, and I was hoping to get some saddles or BP's for them. Literally the first fish we caught, giga saddle, and of acceptable level.

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9 minutes ago, Austria said:

Go to Ragnarok and farm the Desert loot crates for Giga bp at 83.8, 77.0
70.3, 76.5
59.6, 76.5
63.2, 78.1
79.7, 51.9


the issue is on beginner servers.  These only exist at 'The Island' map.    The OP of the thread is trying to get them there because you can't level up high enough to open high level drops.   Fishing is the only loot table beginner servers can access for this stuff.

11 hours ago, R34jeromegtr said:

Thanks ill keep on keeping on then. Yeah just looking at size. I have billion argy and mosa saddles but no 3% group yet

That in itself is proof the process was worth taking on!  You really take control over your lifestyle on beginner servers w/ argent saddles.

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5 hours ago, R34jeromegtr said:

Crazy as everyone says it can’t be done but the admin said he saw people riding on gigas 5 years ago. I’ve gone though a few rods and haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep trying until wipe. 

I truely ponder if it was a nerf....Iv gotten them before, but then again Im on single player....Im not sure if tameing a lipluradon will increase the chances of getting good BP's from fishing, but it is supposed to help with all supply drops


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