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This is for Ark 1 or 2

This is unique creature that is found on mountains and beaches this creature requires bug repellent to tame cuz it's a agressive creature.Use Raw Meat to Lead it to a corpse that will tame it.It prefers Diplodocus or bronto corpse and it will tame it instantly,but smaller corpses will tame it much slower and player would need more of them.







-Bite does 108 damage and also has bleed effect that does 120 damage

which is 228 damage in total



Saddle is learnt at level 84 and need 65 experience points

Materials for saddle:

45 metal ingot

1000 fiber

450 hide

35 oil

200 silica pearls

150 sparkpowder

saddle can only be crafted at smithy

Special abilities:

Agressive Roar

-Boosts stats by 50%

-eyes turn glowing red


-Drains 400 stamina

-Usable every 10 minutes

-charged with focal chill


raw prime meat 8-20

raw meat 36-44

Hide 65-70

Keratin 20-34

more description:

this creature has small spikes from head to tail.

This creature is completley immune to any stuns or debuffs.

Great to use in boss fights.

Its roar would also buff tamed creatures around it when tamed.

You can only bring 1 in a boss arena and 2 in tek cave.

When this creature is riden no creature would agro on a player or a dino.

This creature passivley creates keratin in its inventory which makes it unique.

The downside of this creature is that is really rare and you can only find 3-5 per map.

These creatures can breed but to imprint a baby it requires 250 prime meat or 500 prime fish meat.

This DLC is for all devices.

Creature is vulnerable to fire so fire will do 5% more damage to this creature.

But this creature has infinite oxygen but it isn't an aquatic creature.


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