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Genesis 1 Tp Blocking Big Luna (SmallTribes)


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Good evening

I have a question, I live in the Big luna on Genesis 1 (-136052 -191853 -34375 45.22 -8.62)
and therefore wanted to ask if I can block the NE Luna spawn (it still belongs to the main base) because I would like to make the neighboring island inaccessible to others because it is right next to my base.

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I'm pretty sure that is spelled out in the CoC.  You are not allowed to take over the built in teleportation locations and not allowed to setup defenses to automatically kill anyone who teleports to those locations.  I'm pretty sure I read that in there somewhere.


Since you already know its a spawn point, this applies and you sort of ruined any chance of claiming you were unaware. 


Spawn Blocking

Spawn Blocking occurs when tribes intentionally block spawn points for the purpose of not allowing any new players to play on the server. In the event your base inadvertently or accidentally resides on a spawn point you will not be penalized.

Here are some examples of what spawn blocking can consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Using structures that players spawn into and can not get out of

  • Using spikes/spike walls at player spawn locations

  • Turrets located on or near spawn points

  • Dino gates, or any type of structure/cage that is meant to trap or instantly kill a player and prevent them from spawning on the map

  • Aggressive dinos placed near spawn points in order to instantly kill players that spawn in.

  • Teleportation zones (on Genesis, Fjordur) are treated as spawn zones and as such they should not be blocked nor have any turrets in them in either pvp or pve game mode .


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