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raising my first gigas and 3 of them seeking helpfull advise from pros in here


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so wanna hear how i can make my 3 giga survie 24hours since i have to leave for that long to go visit familie.

i use preservering salt and 1500 raw meat in a 150 nurse stat maewing usually work for 8-10 hours but havent used cooked meat yet would that hold me over longer? 

ps they are all at about 78-81 maturation%

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yea, if u can't be back for 24 hrs and they still babies, cryopods.  Otherwise, 300 stacks of raw meat on one maewing, have a second on backup w/ another 300 should buy you a load of time.  The salt only slows things down for a couple hours at most.  After that , you have to log back on to resalt.  For a 24hr thing, it's a minimal benifit.


Cooked would last longer.  If you had 3 maewings loaded w/ 300 stacks of cooked meat on each - it should last 24hrs feeding 3 baby gigas.


But , best tool to know exactly how much meat they need



Its not really a question when you can do your own math and figure it out pretty easily using the crumplecorn website.

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