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One of the best thing of ARK is the Progression schene that can fit on different play-style.

The progression make the game really long to be fully completed and this is really great !
I hope this will not be loose on Ark2

IMHO there will be 3 main play-style games

  • RPG lowers (PVE, ORP PvP, solo or small groups,  slow and complicate growt path with tons of AI trying to kill you and destroy everithing you've done)
  • Conquerors (PVP, Lorge Clan, lot of strategic to growth and annihilate any other clan and dominate)
  • Shooters (PVP, solo or small group, fast to get end-game and just fight 1 vs 1/many vs many)

    Those can be Occasional (few hours a week) , Normal (few hours a day)  and Hardcore (4+hours every day) games

    The reason to stay on the game is that you can proceed on progression even if you take some months of break and a constant  game evolution on time (3-4 months to have some noticeable change)

The order is from most loyal to game vs day-trip ones

Please take care each one of them



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