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Disappointed with the DLC and the event


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So where to start, the Map is nice, that's the only positive point that I have retained, there is a huge lack of animals on the Fjordur maps (I tested 4 of them) then the part that I will describe is which there never was (Ice Titan, Forest Titan, Sandworm, Ice Golem) and yet he says it would be there. then what is missing a lot the Reaper there are not my seriously a part abberation without reaper can not be called abberation, karkinos 2 place or have either under water next to a stranded boat or in the cellar with the venom of namless (without namless) find the logic, and again to have a karkinos you have to have nobody in the legs my that is not won, although now that there are 0 events there are not many people on this map of 55 people we don't have 17 hell of a fall, basically they should have done more to this Map it deserves a considerable addition of animals like x-rex reaper R-reaper and so on, even the mutagel and the mutagen is non-existent nobody finds it even in the lunar biome, I have seen maps worked too much results the players go there more often (the crystal) and maps can work where a lot of people play on it much more than Fjordur (the island ) I have been told that there will be all the animals of all the maps s, I said to myself I will be able to leave the other dlcs to devote myself only on the one with such good results I am disappointed and a good number of players are also disappointed; so when is there a bug-free dlc with all the animals of all the DLCs ???? here is my question.

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