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Ragnarok Boss Fight


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With dragon you really want a herbivore, like theri, they will eat veggie cakes to heal, the dragon fire does a percentage of health, think it's 25%!? So the health doesn't really matter, you want as much damage as possible to take it down quick, I would suggest raising a few deinos, they bleed it and rarely get hit because of there size. 

As for manticore you have to be careful of torpor, Rex have high base torpor so are a good choice.

As with any boss fight saddles are important, I wouldn't want to go to anything above gamma with prim though. Try running drops for a while, even ramshackle would be better, I wouldn't go without 60+ for beta and 100+ for alpha myself 

I have never bothered with a pig, a few seconds of healing usually isn't worth it when you can replace it with more teeth.

I would say you will be fine, if you play it smart. Don't forget to take a shotgun and gas mask with you. 

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Good News I have a Ascendant Rex Saddle Blueprint with 280 armor ı think it will be enough even for alpha maybe if ı breed the rexes and get mutations.

So for now ı have kinda better rexes around 50k+ hp and around 1200dmg% ı will prob use ascendant saddle on half of the rexes maybe all of them not sure.

what do ı need for alpha can you like example some stats



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