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Asgard is not a cave. Make my argie rideable!



Dear WC, Im absolutely LOVING Fjordur. However, my life is made miserable with regard to my argies. I use argies to haul my gold after mining. And I have moved to Asgard as the main portion of the map became woefully over crowded.

Bats can fly. Cool beans. But bats cant carry 6000 in weight. Not even 2K in weight. And if you cant mount your dino you cant park it. As you know, you tell and argie to land and it lands half a mile away no matter what the follow setting.

SO yes please let me mount my Argies. Let me MOUNT ALL my dinos even if for some arbitrary reason you decide you do not want them to fly. at least if I can mount it I can put it where I want it. Please and thank you.

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