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Make A New Player/Solo Player Server



Instead of restricting Tribe Limits, or how many hours somebody has, we'll use a simple mechanic here; Ark Transfers.

Create a set of Servers (1x), on the Island, Aberration, and Scorched Earth, but not Extinction, Genesis or Genesis 2.
Lets call the type of servers, 'Eden' servers.

The Mechanics
No players from any non Eden PvP servers can transfer to the Eden servers.
Players from the Eden servers however can transfer all their gear, dinos, and character to the Official PvP or Small Tribes servers; one way.
If somebody wishes to go to Aberration or Scorched Earth and not leave the Eden servers, then can travel to those maps and back, as long as they are traveling to the Eden servers.

On these servers no Tek is allowed either, though it can be unlocked on them.
Once the player is ready to go to the regular Official PvP, they can bring their new Tek knowledge with them from killing the bosses.
This way Alphas can't deny new players the ability to progress in the game, they can only deny them the ability to build on the Alpha's server.

I'm sure there will be Alphas on these servers too, though their ability to be an alpha will be greatly hindered and eventually they will get bored and want new content.
This will force them to surrender the Eden server in order to keep enjoying the game.
And if they don't Wildcard could always just make that specific server a regular PvP server and repurpose a dead PvP server as an Eden server.

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22 hours ago, Collprince said:

beginner servers already exist genius.

Was not aware of this despite me having put about 1700+ hours into the game and played since June 2015.
Thing is though those servers aren't enough.
Capped at level 44 and dinos capped at level 30?

Yeah, that's way too low.

It needs to allow players to get to 105 at least.
AND allow players to unlock Tek engrams, just not use them while on the "Beginner" servers then.
I went with Eden because it was in the theme of Ark.
Dino levels need to go to level 90 at least, maybe level 120 as there are other servers with the 150s which are what you need if you want to start a good breeding line.
Perhaps restrict C4 and Rocket Launcher engrams on those servers.

By not having an adequate platform for new players to start off on, then it just drives people away from the game.
And the Beginner servers definitely are not an adequate starting platform, seeing as there's no real way to attempt a boss fight on there with just base level 30 dinos.

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