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Alright... im, OK at the game im 11 and i can get the essentials easily


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so what is the server number, also if i join i will be "Nomania" Or OhNoman1259 psn lvl 61 or 62, i kinda forgor, i come from scorched so i can make flame arrows and propellent 4 the tribe, i love grinding for gp sparkpowder and other things like obsidian, as long as i have a argy i will be a raiding and farming machine, i can only be on as long as my turn on my ps4 is, no chat either just notes, but i should be pretty good at all the stuff i said, i will spawn at the place that most ppl do when they first play, im also pretty good at taming with the right stuff, i love teamwork aswell, and hate doing risky stuff like wyvern trench running, thank you so much, NOMANIAAAAAAAAA out... ill do more stuff if you accept

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