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pve Hilltop Gaming modded PVE Cluster

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Greetings fellow Ark players!

Hilltop Gaming ARK PVE server would like to invite you to play on our cluster.

Our Ark cluster has all Ark maps available (and we mean all 12 of them) for you to play on and travel freely in-between them all with your character, gear and dinos!
We currently have 28 mods running on very good quality servers hosted by an experienced owner who runs and builds everything from his own home in the US. No crappy rented cheap servers here. Very minimal to no lag and great connection ping, with custom automated API scripts to keep things automated and clean, as well as cross chat across the entire cluster and discord!

We have a steady population of players of about 20+ during peak hours at this time (Both long time players and newcomers), but have plenty of space for more. And I do mean plenty. And a small but mature and experienced admin team dedicated to enhancing the player's experience with small events and enforcing our not so strict rules, all the while playing the game, same as everyone. The health of our servers is important to us so we keep things pretty chill, promote a fun and peaceful environment and act swiftly against people who start trouble. We're all here to enjoy the game and have a good time after all.

Our basic rates are pretty fair:

4x Gathering

3x XP

x4 Taming

There is more but honestly we have a lot of Quality of Life mods that make things like taming,breeding and building that much more pleasant and less of a headache! There is challenge still, as wild dinos and bosses are slightly boosted (nothing crazy so don't worry) so it'll give you enough of an initial challenge. Taming might seem low but its just one of the challenges to overcome, as once you are mid way along your progress things do kick up quickly. Not to mention many of our mods make both taming and breeding of your favorite Ark beasts that much easier. Many people run boss fights with some inviting people outside their tribe to tag along, making progression a more fun event. Our chat is active with a lot of people willing to help you out if you want to!

We accept tribes of all kinds, from solo players, to couples, to established teams of friends wanting to experience Ark at their own pace. Frankly, if everyone is having fun and reasons with common sense, it's likely the best ark experience you'll get. It has been for me, let me tell you. And I am sure others would tell you the same! Realistically we know our cluster won't appeal to everyone, that's impossible, but we dare you to give it a try and stick around and see if you find something you enjoy!


You can find our list of mods here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2637627917


and our discord here: https://discord.gg/3nyrhvvkvx


Note: its important to join our discord as it contains a lot of useful information, our easy to follow rules and a great place to ask our wonderful player base and admins for help, including out of game chats and a support ticket system. So don't be shy and read carefully :)

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready for your next Ark PVE adventure?


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I have been playing on this server since November! Great, close knit, helpful community! There are four wonderful helpful admins! If there is something you have a problem with, or want to make a suggestion, there is a ticket system on discord!

Recommendations: Announcements/updates/warnings are via discord-- check it often and be sure to read the rules/useful information on discord and ingame (via F1 button).

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Been playing on the Hilltop server for a year and I have never had any issues with griefing or trolls yet. The Admin team and fellow players are always friendly and willing to help anyone who asks. It is a must to have the discord though or you will miss out on the votes and important information that can be found there regarding ark and the Hilltop server. If you have been playing vanilla ark and just want to relax and enjoy the game I promise you if you try our server you won't even want to go back to regular ark. 

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Thanks to everyone for coming out to my boss runs!

We ran all the Fjordur mini-bosses, the island bosses, then finished off with Fenrir earlier this week! Hope you all enjoy the bps/dermises/trophies/Fenrir!

We ran Alpha Crystal Wyvern Queen yesterday.

Hoping to run Dinopithecus King and/or Rockwell (Aberration) today!

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