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Last Legacy Dino TLC before ARK II!



Legacy TLC Ideas:


I feel that with the game coming to a close… and with ARK II starting to look like a completely different game than what we have grown accustomed to in ARK…

I would like to ask that you please update the Legacy Dinos with one giant TLC before the end instead of thinking of doing another community map in the extra time before ARK II’s release…


I have put together what I feel would be the simplest to implement changes while being the most satisfying end result for them being on the simpler side… Any additions on top of these changes would be welcomed if they fit into the characteristics of the actual creature. Which I kept in mind through this whole process.


One that is not for one particular Dino is:


Carnivores repel smaller Carnivores


I think it would add a new depth to the game to allow Allosaurs to repel carnivores smaller than them, along with Rex’s repelling carnivores smaller than they are and the Giga being the largest and repelling all carnivores, to a certain radius.

It would make having them during taming immensely important. And having them repel carnivores will make you have to approach carnivores you want to tame on foot to get close enough to start taming. Keeping that early game thrill alive even into late game.

It just does not make sense that I have my Rex pretty much standing on something I’m taming and a Dilo feels brave enough to come try and take a bite right between the Rex’s feet lol… It would add a whole new level to carnivore tiers, to immersion, to taming mechanics, etc.

I think that would be a big win for the game as a whole.


Besides that these are my ideas for individual creatures in order of importance, 


to me at least…



-New Look / Speedster / Prime Fish


First, please redesign and retexture the model to a more majestic paleo-art depiction. I will probably use “majestic” to describe how a lot of these models should look, but bear with me lol.

As far as mechanics go I think leaning into the Plesi’s speed is a good characteristic to stick with. It is already fast but maybe it could be more maneuverable? A turnaround-spin like the Sarco has, plus adding a spin like the Pteranodon has for a boost underwater.

Things like that could really make the Plesi a more satisfying mount to get around the oceans.

Finally I would add a prime fish mechanic. Allowing it to gather a little more and from more creatures. Like how we can scrape prime fish from the Leed. Maybe the Plesi could take bites of prime from it’s side the same way?



-Normal Tame / Rarer-Better-Mobility-Mini-Plesi


The Liopleurodon really just needs to be made a normal tame… it is honestly a waste as it is now…

I would honestly be happy if you matched it with the speed characteristics the Plesi has and gave it some of the maneuvers I suggested for it also, like the spin-boost the pteranodon has, etc.

It doesn’t even have to gather prime the same way I suggested for the Plesi but it being a rare, speedy mount would still be better than it is as of now.

Maybe instead of better loot, it just makes loot crates glow a little brighter to see them better underwater. That would be balanced for a normal tame while still keeping the original idea behind the creature alive.



-New Look / Breach / Blood Tracker


The Meg needs a cleaned up look. With the experienced artists you have now you could make an amazing new Megalodon model.

As far as mechanics go I would really love to have a charged jump out the water to grab and damage flyers over the water. Which you would then drop back to the water which would release the flyer from your grab, but also make the flyer drop its rider if it has one into the water.

That would be such a fun mechanic for the Meg and would be so fun to randomly see wild Megs jump out of the water at a Pelagornis once in awhile. Or at you if you fly to close to the surface. I always thought Xiphactinus should of been added to take the Meg’s coastal patrol niche and the Megs should be made a little rare and more terrifying. So like the Raptors not pouncing on survivors anymore, I would make the Meg’s jump to flyers be a rare occurrence but still possible.

Finally I would just add the Dire Wolf’s blood/smell mechanic to track hurt creatures underwater in the same way to go with the Shark’s known ability to smell blood in the water.


-Breach / Echo Location

Ichthy should be able to breach the surface also, but more like the Manta.

It should also have an Echo Locate ability that briefly shows you silica pearls, oil nodes and threats in a radius of it.



-Updated Look / Repels water Carnivores


Technically the Mosa does not need that much. A cleaned up model and maybe the ability to repel smaller Carnivores and the Mosa be the only creature for repelling smaller carnivores underwater. Everything giving the Mosa a wide-birth almost getting out of it’s way as it swims.

Would really fit the Dino and make it a lot more ominous to see coming from a distance underwater.



-Updated Look / Balanced with Carc


The Giga is a weird one to me… yes it needs a cleaned up model and really it could be all good after that. But with the Carcharodontosaurus coming I would wonder if it will really hold up to it afterwards? My suggestion is to give the Giga a new look as to not let it get completely outshined, at least make sure it is balanced with the Carc stats wise, and if they are going to be equals I would have them in different areas… Gigas with jungles, Carcs with deserts or something along those lines… just so they don’t overlap if they fill the same niche.

And if the Carc gets any cool mechanics please don’t leave the Giga in the dust. Add a mechanic to the Giga if you have to, to keep them at least in competition for “biggest-theropod worth taming”.



-Stomp / Stairs / Lower


Bronto needs a more majestic look. Think /Brachiosaurus model from the base Jurassic World Evolution 2 game and the Dreadnoughtus model in the new Jurassic World Evolution 2 Biosyn DLC and branch out from there… that franchise just knows how to do majestic sauropods…

Also it could use a stomp that could be used on walls and structures… we’ve needed it for a long time…

Another idea is to use the head and neck as stairs some how…  being able to aim the head after you walk up the neck to the direction of the elevated spot you are trying to get to. Could really make for some interesting and hard to reach base locations.

Lastly is a “crouch” or “sit” mechanic for it to lower the base on its back. When you find your spot it lays down or something. Isn’t really needed honestly but it would be an awesome mechanic when you use one as your base. Using the head or tail to get up easier afterwards, or just building stairs the perfectly line up with the ground after it lays down.

Obviously this is the one I’ve thought through the least but besides a new model the Bronto def needs something to make it a tad bit more relevant than just being prehistoric scenery. It def gathers berries the best but is that really it’s full potential?



-New Look / Glide / Fabricator Jet Saddle


The Quetz should be king of the skies but it has never felt like it…

Again the model in the new Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC is a good concept to start from.

I just feel when it does not have a platform saddle on, repeat, when it does not have a platform saddle on it should not be so squat to the ground. More elevated and regal like a giraffe. With a much more maneuverable walk. Maybe even being the only true flyer that can actually back up while on the ground.

While flying the Quetz should naturally have a glide mechanic that “slightly”, I repeat “slightly” regains stamina. It is only fitting and the big guy deserves it.

Last thing the big guy deserves is a jet pack saddle like the Tropeognathus. With all the jets flying around now it has to get one. One that also works as a fabricator making it the ultimate end game flyer.

While also having a weight buff like the Argy’s.



-New Look / Spit Commands / Slow


The Dilo’s model isn’t horrible but it could def be updated and made more vibrant. After the first half hour or so of playing it becomes a pretty useless tame but I still love them.

I would love for them to spit on command though. My idea is that when you whistle attack target at something, it still chases it like normal, but it spits in that direction, instantly, and every time you whistle attack target, until it is in melee range of the target. Plus for the spit to now slow the target slightly more. That paired with a good turret mode would actually make them a great base defense and toggling between attack and stop attack could really slow down fleeing tames in the early game if done right.

Would just give them A LOT more utility.



-Retracts into Shell / Mobile Safe


The Carbonemys is ugly but honestly does resemble it’s paleo-art. Could still be cleaned up with better walking mechanics. A lot of the legacy Dinos need less derpy walking mechanics like you fixed the Trike, Stego’s, and Sarco’s.

What our beach turtle really needs is a useful mechanic. I say “Bio-Safe”.

First it needs to be able to retract into it’s shell like you guys have been promising it will be able to since release… giving it a huge defense buff. After that it just needs a weight buff and it is a mobile safe. One that could potentially be more useful for holding items than the actual safe which I wouldn’t mind myself.

Plus it would make the turtles no one really pays much attention to into being a staple in every base. Probably whole floors dedicated to them afterwards. Would be the biggest turn around in ARK I think.

Lastly this is unneeded but would fit since we never got a sea turtle like Archelon. Allowing it to not be affected my the water shockers or at least not affected by the jelly fish and giving it a buff on the toxin gather rate. They are both slow AF so it would make sense they are predator and prey and would give a major resource buff to the turtle.



-Silk Producer / Wall Climb / Web Grapple


We’ve been asking for this and I think the response was the Bloodstalker. Which is loved and appreciated. but the Araneo still should be more than an annoying mob in my opinion… these are all real animals even though they are created by a murder computer trying to make us suffer…

My idea has always been to allow to climb walls, and use its web like a grapple hook that can ONLY go up and down (or back and forth with ARK physics lol) like the grapple hook does to drop down on unsuspecting survivors.

Lastly they should give Silk as drops like the Lymantria (Moths) do… and honestly should be the only tamed creature that generates Silk in it’s inventory passively. Allowing us to make Silk farms with them.



-Perches like Des / Tamed spread Rabies


Just let it land man… lol these bats have been flapping them wings for 7 years… Desmodus pops in and it can already hang from ceilings lol which is amazing but I know you can add to the Onyc easily now since it has been put into the game. Please do it would really add a lot to them dropping down from the ceiling when you enter a cave. If we could whistle to the ceiling and it would perch that would be a real plus also. And I cannot find a for sure source that can clarify if tamed Onyc pass rabies still? to base intruders or whatever? If not, they def should… and it would be great to use them like a zip line with no cord. Just a gliding decent from where ever you jump from. Would make them actually useful around the base as defense and utility without having them flapping around my head all day lol the Phoenix has that problem too but it makes up for it in Silica Pearls! lmao.



-Updated Look & Animations


Honestly the Anky just needs a new clean model and some better walking mechanics… I just didn’t want to leave it out. Same with the Bronto too honestly but there is still a lot of room for improvement there, the Anky kind of already does what it needs to… it’s just ugly lol. Well compared to new more modern additions to the game. It has just been working it’s little tail club off for us since this game was in early access and I think it should be updated is all… clean up our old

friend please.

+Anky’s club tail attack should also do torpor damage.


This last one is not really needed but I’d love it if the Bigfoot and the Baboon could sit down all relaxed like the Sloth.


I really hope you guys think about this…


New Maps are always great but when you do something like this Legacy TLC it reinvigorates the whole game.


Thank you for your time.

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