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NO dinos spawning on Fjordur again!


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6 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

Nothing's been deleted. It's been right here.

Server official 1846 spawn wild dinos is broken ! 

the server is empty of dinos, nothing to tame, your X3 event is useless! fix the problem quickly! in the meantime I would go for another game


the taming tuso does not catch and some wild dinos sometimes disappear before our eyes tuso yuty giant bee spino rex,


and there are way too many alpha dinos that don't disappear though
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It always happens on new maps and is even more noticeable on events. Its caused by too many tribes having so many babies out which eats away at the maps dino limit and prevents wild spawns.

It is not going to be fixed, it never is until the maps get older or transfer open in September, sometimes between midnight and 6am you might be able to do some taming as ''tibe of [][]'' has cryoed some babies but if you want to get tame new dinos you will need to go to another map.

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1 hour ago, Rauf said:

Just to let you guys know no spawns means the server is slowing down, when there is less players in the servers for the region more dinos start appearing in non peak timings.

Thats incorrect for sure. It was good again after restart for 2 days (with full server). Now dinos starts to despawn again, they must be related to each other (daspawning/not spawning). Maybe some mesh problem idk, but franky its very frustrating, because we have event. Despawn event i shall say :D

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