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PS4 Crashing Again

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I'm currently playing PVE on Fjordur on a PS4. It has started crashing quite a bit and reminds me of the first time this happened after @4 months on The Island.  After 10 months, the crashes became too much to deal with...getting set back 1/2-2 hours in game play and loosing rare loot.  Months later, after my Xbox play-through...ended...I tried the PS4 again and it seemed to work ok. I spent 3 months or so on Ragnarok and Crystal Isles and crashing was seemingly rare. 

Now I seem to be back to crashing on the PS4 and I wonder if it is just toast, or if other folks are having issues playing Fjordur on the PS4. I am just not in a position to purchase new gear ATM, but perhaps soon. I am trying to decide if I can build any sort of rig, or if I should just get by on an $800 Xbox (cough).  In the meantime, I am sort of spinning my wheels some days...like today. I thought of replacing the hard drive on the PS4 with a SSD, but I am not sure if that would be worth the effort if there is problem on the board. Guess I could always use it elsewhere if it doesn't help.

Anyone else having issues? Any good suggestions? lol    sigh...

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I guess I should submit a ticket because some of the crashing is related to accessing the in-game options. One crash happened when I opened the options tab and adjusted the left/right sensitivity to aid in foundation placement. It crashed when I saved and exited. The last one a few minutes ago happened when I accessed the options tab to adjust the gamma as it was a bit dark in the entryway of Helm's Deep and I was trying to place pillars to compliment a dino gate without collision enabled. I adjusted the gamma up and the game crashed when I saved and exited.

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