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Community Crunch 322: Summer EVO Event, Community Corner, and More!

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For those of you that don't play on official and I asking how to get it active on your unofficial map or single player this is how 

Note that single player and non-dedicated servers will need to manually enable the event in Advanced settings:

  • Active Event: summer

For unofficial servers the required launch parameter is:

  • -activeevent=summer
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Posted (edited)

How come On the new map Fjordur, Since the Event has been launched it is having so many problems, Dino's Despawning when un rendered, Low Dino count repsawning, No way to raise new dino no new dino spawning to go tame anything making this event essentially unplayable on the new map which is the only map i am currently playing on.

Server 1169 Fjordur


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Still having issues with spawns going *Poof* or spawns respawning at all in order for us to gather meat on the fjordur map on server 1169. Seem like it is fixed temporarily for an hour or so after the server is restarted but then the problem comes back. Can we get a permanent fix to this? The other maps are not doing this.

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Ok, we have a pretty new map. We have an event.
And we have a crap load of issues with servers overcrowded or not available at all for an extended period of time, creatures and egs only respawning after server maintenance for a few hours, lag like if the servers are already open and 500 striders breing imported, server ping double the usual on a good day but more often 4x as high.

But not a word about what's going on.
This forum section is called "Announcements", Wildcard please USE IT!

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Still Ongoing Issues with that spawns on 1169 Fjordur map! No wild animals spawning, cant get wyvern milk for wyvern babies, cant get meat for meat babies, school of fish despawning cant tame megachelon. So many issues why are the spawns not being fixed and totally ignored during the event! Im sure you guys wont Curtiously extend the event which you have shortened compared to the past it was 21 days! this year only 14 days, and This year it is all aweful!

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