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General Ideas for ark 2


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  1. First of all, in ark 1, I think that the leveling system for humans was quite right but 50+ levels for the dinos and also you would need mods or else you had to level them 1 by 1. I think that for ark 2 would be great that yes you have to level up your dinos but only like 10 levels or less. With this they would have to make harder for the dinos to level up and also get greater stats per level. Also add more stats like (gathering ammount, glide, stamina consumtion, health regen, armor rate, food consumption, etc.). And maybe instead of only adding stats you can choose to get skills instead like: reduced/remove fall damage, fear roar, hunter sight, flock/heard bonus, camouflage (your dino changes color or straight up gets invi xD), etc...
  2. Instead of looking for leveled dinos all the dinos have the same level but for herd dinos the alpha has slightly better stats.
  3. Players don't know their exact stat values. So lets say when you are injured you get a message on the screen that says "I'm a bit injured", "I'm wounded", "I'm dying" and whatever. For thirst, hunger, stamina, sickness, ammunition (So you get surpriced my the message "Oh, I'm out" or "Last on the quiver") and stuff the same. 
  4. You require saddles to access the dino inventory, also the saddle will give them space but not weight (it would depend on the dino and player's perks)
  5. Eliminate the movent speed stat upgrade for dinos and players (or make it optional in the server config).
  6. Instead of following passive tames like a fool you can just drop a bawl of food nearby and they'll start eating until they tame, petting them during the processs would increase the affection (bonus for primitive)
  7. Instead of starting from 0 you respawn with the basic stuff (depending on you character type primitive (stone pickaxe, stone hatchet, spear) or modern(metal axe, metal pickaxe, pistol/knife)).
  8. NPC's: merchant (adding currency as well), friendly or unfriendly tribes, cities (with configurable weapon use inside them), hired guards, workers, etc.
  9. A weapon combination, instead of having a sniper, an assault riffle, a shotgun, you can create your personal weapon with components. By selecting the ammo type, barrel, sight, stock, underbarrel, etc.  Or for meele weapons the handle (stick, pole, swordhandle, longswordhandle, etc), blade type, weight, etc.
  10. SafeInventory: Using the server currency you can rent a safe in a city or a merchant to keep you stuff safe from stealing as long as you have the money to keep it.
  11. NPC's missions maybe from traders or the leaders you can get missions like bring a Rex in a cryo, defend the city gates, kill a bandit leader, kill an alpha dino nearby, etc (just, not clear cave missions) and the chance to cancel a mission (if you change your mind or it gets bugged). 
  12. Finishing moves for dinos (when a dino or human is at critical health, some or all idk, dinos have the chance to do a finishing move on it witch it will get killed instantly). Like lets say a rex grabbing and argentavis with his mouth and munch it 3 times before spiting it or tearing apart another dino's tail. 
  13. Clothing: You can use your armor everywhere or you can have the option to change your apeareance without unequiping your armor while you are in safe or neutral territory (like inside your house or a city), doesn't work in the wild or enemy territory.
  14. Electromagnetic Storm. I saw this on a comment but I don't remember who said it. There are zones of the maps where electronics doesn't work so you can't use any tecnology there.
  15. Create servers without mutations, with limited mutations or unlimited mutations.
  16. Make ruins fixable so you can get them back to their glory and also damagable so they can go back to ruins
  17. I read that there will be a perk system and I think that it could be split in 2 + 1(the extra one is a bonus for both) (you'll have to choose one of course with the chance of getting to choose it again by creating a new character or with whatever does the function of the mindwipe tonic):



  • Focused on combat, tamming and high value gathering. Faster, cheaper, better tamming. Stronger affection with your dinos so they get a bonus near you and/or while you ride them. You don't need saddles to ride dinos. Better stealth vs wild dinos. Better base stats for player character(health, meele damage, jump height,speed, gathering rate, sickness resistance, etc.). Better meele resistance armor.
  • Perks like: High quality hide gathering, High quality bone gathering, Poison/torpor resistance, Damage resistance, higher stamina/hp regen, berserker (higher meele damage with lower health), etc.
  • Especific skills like: Detect (dinos, npcs, players, etc.), Track (you can follow the path of recent players), camouflage (you can either become transparent or harder to see if you stand still or walk while you use the skill), Undetectable (you can't get tracked or detected), etc.
  • Weapons: Spear, sword, Staffs, shield, combat axe, bow, crossbow, throwing knifes, poison darts, etc. (with different material tiers like stone, obsidian, bone, etc.). Armor: Heavy (reduced movent and stealth, more protection): Flak/metal, Chitin, Bone (depends on the dino). Light(Low protection, low movement penalty, low stealth penalty): Hide (Depends on the dino), Linen. Unarmored(0 armor, no penalties): Loincloth(maybe adding benefits with perks). Tools: Skinning knife (Hide), Stone/Metal/Obsidian Hatchet (wood and thatch), Stone/Metal/Obsidian pickaxe (stone, flint and ore), Stone/Metal/Obsidian SledgeHammer (Stone), climbing picks, climbing rope (can be shoot by a bow or crossbow, it isn't used as a grapling hook you shoot the arrow then climb the rope so you can't use more ranged weapons while climbing). 
  • Special Saddles: Better armor, can be made of the same materials of the human armor.
  • Special objects: Breathing bag (since you can't craft a modern scuba suit, get back to the ancient greek knowledge by creating small waterresistant bags to help you get some extra seconds underwater), meele attachments. Dimorph nest: It sends small flocks of dimoprhodons. The flocks size depends on the ammount of dimorphodons inside the nest. They attack for a few seconds and then return  (effective vs big dinos). Plant species X (Effective vs all targets. Slows and deals low damage). Dino Guard post: The dinos linked to this post will attack enemies in the area if they get out of range or die the dinos return to the post (You can only link small or medium land dinos)
  • Potions and herbs: Heal potion (Increases healing rate), Energy potion (Increases stamina regen), beer (slightly reduces incoming damage), Strange mussrom ("It looks dangerous but it increases your rage in combat"), BerryMix tea (Slowly Cures your infection, you might need more than one but it's delicious).


  • Focused on automatization, building and mass production. You can create and use effectively cheaper advanced equipment (primitives can use them but with worse results like more expensive recipes and with longer crafting times) (industrial forges, fabricators or whatever machines), Weaponized saddles (with less focus on the effectiveness of the dino and more on the technology). Better firearm use (less recoil, more precision, faster reloading speed, faster aiming, weapon draw, etc.). Better projectile resistant armor.
  • Susceptibility to dino agression (dinos search them for longer time, prioritize them, longer aggro distance, neutral dinos might become aggresive)
  • Perks like: More material gathering, cheaper production, faster production, paralel production (one crafting station can have 2 different items producing at the same time), Medicine has a faster effect, etc.
  • Especific skills like:
  • Weapons: Custom firearms, police baton (good for torpor/stun), military knife, machete. Armor: Medium armor (Not so heavy, but not so light. Good protection): Riot Gear (good meele protection), Bulletprof gear (Good firearm protection), Riot shield (good vs meele, but heavy so it reduces mobility and can't crouch if it is equiped on hand, can be equiped on the back to reduce backstab damage), bulletprof vest (reduce bullet damage). Juggernaut suit (Heavy, Reduces general incoming damage, reduces movent speed, diables jumping, reduces visiibility and turnrate "I wish there was some teknology to balance it out"). Tools: PowerDrill (ore, flint and stone), Chainsaw (wood and thatch), Metal Axe (Wood and thatch), Metal Pickaxe, Automatic Drill (Can be placed to slowly generate an specific resource(speed depends on server gathering settings and ore veins nearby)), grapling hook, it slowly pulls you but you can only use it while standing so you can't chain grapling hooks (also you can't use ranged double handed weapons during it's use).
  • Special Saddles: Heavier than normal saddles but with higher customisation like adding standing weapons like machine guns, shotguns, small cannons and small launchers. Since Carnivors are hunters they don't like the heaviest saddles 
  • Special objects: Scuba suit. firearm attachments. Helicopter (Resistant, fast, noisy, weaponized, with multiple passenger space and carry weight but not as agile as a dinosaur, careful if you fly low, near trees or in caves. Primitives can't fly them). Worm Tank: Quite resistant, slow but faster than running, can be weaponized and carry multiple players, high carry weight. Small Submarine: Fast, armored, can be weaponized, high carry weight, careful with the rocks. Big Metal Raft: Just like ark 1 but bigger and with more space for building. HeliCarrier. Simple, a flying raft. The counterpart of the quetzals. Turrets (flamethrower (effective against small clustered dinos), shotgun turret (effective vs massive dinos or at close distance), machine gun (effective vs all dinos) and Heavy machine Gun Turrets (Effective vs all dinos, but they are expensive)). Electric fence (passively deals dmg on contact, increases torpor)
  • Medical Items: Medic kit (heals 100% health over time, it gets interrupted if you receive damage), First aid kit (heals 25% hp over a short time), First aid Bandage (5% hp instanly), Antibiotics (Cure infections).

---Tek/advanced (just as the original, unlocked by bosses, craftable in the tek terminals arround the map)

  • Instead of a tek suit that makes you extremely op, something a little less futuristic (without flight, power punch, etc.) Lets say an exoskeleton wich would boost your carry weight, meele damage, speed, focused jump (less higher than the tek suit), reduced stamina use, etc. Giving those perks in a small ammount when unpowered and in higher amounts powered (with element or whatever fuel). Tek Glasses: Always powered (lets say, by sunlight) with flashlight, nightvision (so you can choose whatever you want), thermal vision, heartbeat sensor, displayable player info (health, stamina, injuries, etc.). Both are extras so shouldn't take armor space.
  • Mek: I think that the ark 1 meks are a little over the top, make them more like the classic movies/games like the ones on matrix, avatar (this ones fit perfect with the ark theme). I mean they made them like evangelion, but come on, they were fighting insane monsters not ancient prehistoric animals. The mek can be used by primitive players but it will be focused on meele combat (mek metal sword, mek metal knife, mek metal shield, mek metal spear, etc.) with boosted stats on it. The mek for the modern players will mainly use fire power like miniguns, shotguns, machineguns, etc.
  • Weapons: Tek spear, tek sword, tek shield, tek riffle (with a way to choose the type of ammunition you want to use, not everything has to be laser or plasma) and instead of just getting the weapon it can be a modifier for the base weapons so they get upgraded to tek. Example putting the modifier in a rifle will make it show the current amunition, increase weapon damage by injecting the ammo with element, thermal sight, and whatever. 
  • Tek Car: Just don't add it here or fix it, idk. Maybe a tek spider will get less buggy with the capacity to gather or carry stuff, and maybe to equip a drill or gather ray on it.


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