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The Island Gamma ascension


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Myself and a 1 other guy just finished gamma ascension on an official island PVE server and noticed there wasn't much updated information on it so I'm going to lay out what we experienced.

To start with we used 14 rexes with 70k health and 2k melee, we also had a yuty with 20k health and 3k stamina, and a giga with 33k health and 1.6k melee. I would recommend bringing ghillie armor and 2 tek canteens with cold water as it is extremely hot in the cave. Should also bring fur armor or an otter as the section after the volcano averages around -18 degrees F.   

At the beginning we had 1  person walk ahead with the giga a clear out as much of the cave as possible while the other person worked on slowly walking the rexes into the cave entrance. For the most part, you can just whistle follow all once they are all in and walk along the left wall until your about halfway through the cave. I'm going to warn you that there were Purlovia that will not come out unless you dismount or scream with the yuty.  There's a section where you have to walk the rexes along curved path and this is where we lost some. We tried moving them in groups of 3 down the path but the AI were too attracted to the lava so we lost 2. After that section you can walk them all in a group until you get to the ledge above where the giga is supposed to be. Every video we watched had 1 just outside of the tek door on gamma but there wasn't one there for us. We cryoed our giga here as we didn't need it anymore  We also tested that you CAN uncryopod tames on this ledge on official PVE. I've read conflicting things that you can or can't so we tested it with an extra rex, and it worked. Now, back to the great walk. We walked all 12 of the rexes off the ledge and, of course, 2 over jumped and landed in the lava. You are able to walk them out of the lava on the right side of the door to the tek cave but 1 of ours was stuck in a rock so we left it. We continued through the tek cave until we got up to the teleporter. We had around 20 minutes remaining on the timer but I wasn't worried as everything online said the timer didn't carry over. 

To recap, we teleported into the arena with 1 yuty and 11 rexes.

This is where we started to panic. Once we loaded in after the portal, the timer was STILL COUNTING DOWN. We ran the dinos through the cave as fast as possible and started the boss fight with roughly 15 minutes to go. We just whistled attack on the boss and let the unridden rexes hit the overseer while we ran around and hit his spawns. This lasted 6 minutes and the cutscene started with 7 minutes remaining.

We're going to attempt alpha next weekend by uncryoing 20ish rexes on the ledge and just walking 2 gigas through the cave until that point. I'll probably post an update once that happens.

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Time saving tip.  Just ride on the giga or use a couple of rexes to clear the path.  Leave all others in pods so you don't have to worry about the train.  Unpod the team on the ledge you mentioned.  You will even have time to walk them down to the cold zone in smaller groups by making a couple trips...and avoid losing some to the lava.

I think the timer is to start the fight with the Overseer.  Don't worry about the timer after the fight has begun. The fight itself can take as long as you need.

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On 6/29/2022 at 8:40 AM, Griffin998 said:

Interesting. There's no time limit?

As far as I know (but could be wrong)...the 1 hour timer that begins at the time you open the cave door is to START the fight with the Overseer. I've seen some videos say you only have to teleport up to the terminal before it runs out. IDK for sure on that. But either way, I've never heard of anyone getting booted from the fight once it starts unless you die. Hope that helps a little.

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