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Birthday Cakes

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Hey guys

Thanks to gamepedia we have a command to spawn in Birthday candles. As we know ARK Events are for like a week. My tribemate and I want to make 200 birthday cakes. The admins said "If you can find a command that works for the candles we will give you all 200. The rest you need you need to get yourself" We currently have 240 Beer (thats done \o/) and 5000 eggs (finished making an Egg room just need the dodos XD) but currently the spawn command is broken. I even tried in a single player world and it didnt give me anything. Server is on the current version.

Here is the command:
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Resources/PrimalItemResource_BirthdayCandle.PrimalItemResource_BirthdayCandle'" 1 0 0  


Also it seems like Diplos and Leeches arent spawning either (we are on centre map)

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I was disappointed when I saw that the cake recipe requires beer. Beer takes 6 hours to make, but the really hard part was collecting 160 metal to make the ingots.

I recently started playing on an official primitive server. I had to grind to get to a high enough level to make the barrel, and then spent 2 days gathering metal (I don't have much time to play during the week because of work). While I was grinding and farming, I offered to trade metal, narcotics, etc. to other players for beer; unfortunately, no one was interested in trading.

Once the grinding was done, I found out I could not place the barrel on my raft (the wiki does not mention barrels can't be placed on platforms). I offered the barrel to one of the alpha tribes on my server to place in the communal crafting hut they built. I stocked it with berries and logged off.

Logged in this morning to find that someone had taken the berries from the barrel at some point last night, and I'll be at work when the next batch is ready.

I'm not trying to complain, (I should have just crafted a stone hut to house the barrel, but I didn't want it to go to waste once the event was over) but this anniversary event is not accessible to newer players or players who recently started over.

Such a shame. Those are the players who could benefit most from the exp boost.

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