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My own Ark Animated Series


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So, recently, I have had scattered ideas about creating my own series about ark. The basis of the story is about a sort of afterlife in ark called the Aether, and how some people were accidentally sent there. In the Aether is the Phantom Overseer, which as the name implies, is the phantom of the overseer on the island. The Overseer is now powerful enough to rival rockwell and everything on every ark, so it has to be stopped before breaking free from the Aether and destroying the universe. Animation, however, has been slow, since I useaclip, and this is how it came out. Flipaclip, which I just use because it's pretty easy. However, I challenged myself to make concept art only using Flipaclip, and here's how it turned out-(please note because of the fact I can only attach files that are less than a megabyte, they are not the best quality.) 

Screenshot 2022-06-27 155356.jpg

Screenshot 2022-06-27 155726.jpg

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