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I need help to understand what's going on in my Fjordur game. Please help.

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Hello everyone, i don't know if this is a bug or not so that's why i'm posting this here, i just need to figure out what's happening. So i started a new game in the Fjordur map and i've been playing alone (Singleplayer Mode) until yesterday, when i invited a few friends to join me in a non-dedicated session. 

Everything looked pretty normal until we went in the Ferox cave to look out for some specimen to tame, and when we came back with the materials to tame them they were gone. Every single Ferox disappeared. Same goes for Shadowmanes in Asgard. There was no evidence of Shadowmanes being there when i came back with my friend, but i'm a 100% sure they were there when i visited Asgard in Singleplayer (I tamed three of them so i know where to look). Seems like it affects only creatures from other DLCs .

This happened even with Artifacts! We found a cave in the North area, explored it and then left cuz there was nothing there, but after checking a guide about Artifacts locations i realized there was an Artifact right in the cave we explored earlier; Came back in Singleplayer mode and the Artifact was there, right below my nose... Can someone explain what is this problem or why it's happening? Ever heard of this before?

Thank you, waiting for answers.

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Sadly it smells like a bug.....Might wanna make a ticket, try to include what system your using {Playstaition 4 or 5, xbox, PC} if your using PC include the game version you bought it from {microsoft, steam}, as well as any mods if you have them installed. Oh and it helps if you have video or a clip of the problem.

Other than that, did you start a new playthrough with your freinds, or try to kick off from where you started in SP mode?

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i started in SP and then continued a bit with my friends, so the second one. Sometimes i play alone sometimes my friends join me when they're available. I don't have any clips to prove what happened, didn't know it could be helpful to solve it.. If any of the Artifacts we already collected respawns i can try to take a screenshot of the place with and without the Artifact, to explain the difference, but i don't know if it's valuable at that point. Also worth to mention that we tried to take another Artifact later (The Hunter Artifact) and we found it immediately, but i remember entering (not visiting) that cave BEFORE in SP, so at least it loaded even if didn't explore it. Same for the Shadowmane location in Asgard, while the Ferox cave was visited for the very first time directly with my friends; It sounds like there's a problem between SP and MP spawns for some reason, anyway i'll create another post in the report bug section later today, thanks for your patience.

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