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Best performing Turret Constructions

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**Important**: If it would make the designs any different, I play on a small-tribe (6P) ORP (offline raid-protection) server.

I'm looking for great turret wall and turret tower designs. There are tons of video's everywhere claiming they made the best design, but I have too little experience in Ark to know which ones truly stand out. And I don't want to go with a random video I clicked on.

Of course it takes time to master base design and to know every little factor that can make a difference, but it's hard because there are so many video's out there and I would have no idea if one of those video's I'm watching would contain incorrect information.

I'm hoping someone with experience is reading this, someone who tested different designs, and compared their performance, and checked what weaknesses and strengths each specific design has.

Also a list of factors I should keep an eye on, and a list with of building items and its purpose would be awesome; general, important info you need to know to be able to create a very good design. I don't wanna just copy stuff, if I know why something is done that way, it would help me a lot!

Thank you in advance for helping me out.

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Honestly Iv never done base defenses, I already have a hard enough time with just the PvE aspect. XD

But I do know there are 3 important things to keep in mind when defending. First off, gen placement and defense. No matter what you do, always keep the genny safe. A single metal box will not protect against C4, so maybe a couple gen's, a couple box's, and a sneaky "no one will look here" spots in your base will be the best approach to start off with. 

2.) wire everything redundantly. You don't want just one wire to connect to everything, so redundancy is best.

3.) give your turrets as much angle as you can. Don't put walls up on their sides or such. It can cause blind spots.

As for towers, placements, or other "this is best" stuff you see. Honestly it all depends on where your at, what trys to attack you, and how you prepare for those attacks. Iv watched video's of people using plant turrets to fend of titanasaur attacks, Iv seen pearl cave defenses fall to a managamer due to a bad turret tower, so forth and so on. In the end, only your own ingenuity to the circumstances you place yourself in will be the best defence. Just remind yourself to be clever about it, try to think about how you would attack yourself and prepare against that. Then if in doubt, ask a close freind or tribe mate how they would attack it. Then defend against that method.

More minds that think about ways to attack or defend is the best route.

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