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Rock Drake sound interference/noise


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This isn't about the air rushing sound having no localization. 

So I've been having an issue with rock drake gliding sounds the last few days. When I glide on one, I can hear an interference- as if one of the sounds that makes up the wooshing is bugged, and it sounds like it's become electronic. This holds true for other rock drakes gliding in the area. This has happened to me before, and I was able to fix it by installing an audio driver... however it's back, and now I cannot fix it as I have reinstalled both that audio driver as well as the GEForce driver multiple times, I have run file validations multiple times, I have restarted my computer multiple times. Nothing is working at this point.

This noise is driving me up the wall, to the point I might not even use my drakes going forward because that sound is so distracting. 

Does anyone by any chance know what is happening here? The only way I can "reduce" this sound is turning down/off SFX... which effectively silences the entire game. I want to keep using my drakes, they're the best way to get around this map and good for others. This audio issue is getting very much onto my nerves. 

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