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WhAt Is YoUr StEaM nAmE:

Halo from fortnite

WhAt TiMeZoNe ArE yOu In:


WhAt Is YoUr DiScOrD #ID?:


HoW OlD ArE yOu?:


Do YoU hAvR eXpErIeNcE? (dOn'T nEeD a LoT):

yeah. 200+hrs

HoW aCtIVe CaN yOu Be PeR dAy? (1-2 HoUrS mInImUm):

like at least 1, at most 24. usually less than 6.

WhAt MaKeS yOu A bEtTeT pLaYeR tHaN oThEr PlAyErS aPpLyInG fOr ThIs TrIbE?

My wife says im special

ArE yOu A tAmInG pErSoN oR a FaRmInG pErSoN?

i play runescape. tamings neat too.


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