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r/playarkservers - [PC SERVER] ArkOrigins 3X/vanilla/PVP/ORP/3-MAN/NO-GEN1+2-OR-EXTINCTION/OLD-STYLE/CLUSTER

Hello Survivors!

Ark Origins is a old style ark server with 1x experience and all other rates 3x. There are four clustered maps these include The Island, scorched earth, aberration and Ragnarok. Gen1+2 and extinction will never be added as they bring too many negative aspects to the game. So if you would like to play an older feeling server please use the links below. Thanks for reading!

Server Settings
1 Experience
3x Taming
3x Harvest

Breeding Rates
Wyverns and Rock drakes can not be bred!
5x Raising
5x Egg Hatching
0.5x Breeding Interval
0.2x Imprint interval (Might change later)
2x Imprinting quality (Twice as much percentage each imprint - less imprints needed)

Structure settings
-Structure Placement Collision is Disabled
-PvP Structure Decay is Enabled
- Maximum of 100 turrets in range.
- No giant hatch frames on platform saddles.

10x Prime Meat (Fish, Normal etc)
10X Mutton

The Island
Scorched Earth

CrossServerChat - Talk to anyone on all of the servers on any map brining the community together.
ORP - offline raid protect settings check out #ORPsettings for more information
Creatures Plus+ Disabling Wyvern and rock drake breeding.

-All creatures have vanilla stats, max wild level of creatures is 150 and 190 for eggs such as wyverns and rock drakes.
-Wyverns don't spawn on Ragnorak anymore, they can only be found on scorched earth.

Disabled Creatures
Rock Golems
Tek Dinosaurs (Parasaur, Quetzal, Raptor, Rex)
Stegosaurus - Cant be tamed but does spawn
The above creatures are deemed to be too game breaking or overpowered to allow in the game.

Connection Links

The Island: steam://connect/
Scorched Earth: steam://connect/
Aberration: steam://connect/
Ragnarok: steam://connect/

Discord: https://discord.gg/wGvqG8wZfX

I hope to see you online.

Edited by oldschoolark2022
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