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Constantly Server FULL :(


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Hello! I haven't been able to login to my server (1216) for three days now. Server full! Server full! Server full! Damn...
The server reports this even at 60/70. But Steam shows a completely different picture, and there really is no place.
Why is the game client deceiving us?
And where did this wild online come from?
How to get into the game on official servers?

I also wonder if they plan to open new servers and allow transfers there (along with dinosaurs) from overcrowded servers?


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Afaik the in game list only counts steam players, players joining through epic aren't counted.

And yeah, this happens every time there is a new map, lots of players will drop off and go back to their main maps soon and the queues will disappear. It's been taking me around 15mins to get in game, you just gotta keep trying.

If you get desperate and want to reset timers then there are always quiet times in the middle of the night, pop on then just to reset everything.

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