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Fjordur Biome Teleportation and Desmodus Night vision PS4

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To teleport to the different realms, you need to go to a special cave on Midgard at coords 40.1, 47.7. Pull out your GPS and your fastest flyer (or ground mount, if you prefer traveling that way), and constantly check the coords until you reach those mentioned above. There should be a large cave with a massive stone gateway (note-gateway, without the gate). Go inside, and you'll find three portals, each with a terminal which you can access to teleport to each of the realms. You can probably figure out which is which. As for desmodus night vision, I myself haven't done much testing with desmodus (I play on Xbox one), so I can't reliably answer that. The wiki probably can though: https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Desmodus .

Hope that helped!

Good luck, and happy ARKing!

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