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can someone help me get this dedicated ark server public?

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I started ark with no sky effects, selected host, changed the settings a bit, kept the middle and right boxes the same, and pressed host dedicated server. I launched it and it worked. I then enabled cheats, saved my progress of punching a log, and closed it. I went to my router and added the game server start and router involvement and my friend tried my computer IP and router IP as a desktop shortcut linked to steam://connect/... and it didn't work, nor did it show up in the join server list. please help?

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I did these things: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rsbgzn4hdn98c0d/AAAqjAWiUh8sPpxq4y6oahbfa?dl=0 but it didn't work and it says it needs to be in the .bat file but I don't see one besides this in the folder the server is running from: procdump.bat;

 cd %~dp0
start ShooterGame.exe
procdump.exe -ma -e -64 -w ShooterGame.exe

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