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Don't Make My Fjordur Despawn Mistake!

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So apparently, even though it looks like The Island or Lost Island and you can fly nonstop from anywhere to anywhere, it must play like Genesis considering "realms". I lost a 140 deod, it hasn't been easy to find any and this one was #3 seen on day 7.  I flew it about 2-3 clicks from the redwoods to Helm's Deep where I knocked it unconscious and saw it eating food. I left it with 200 mejos and loaded with narc berries and torp on the rise...to fly across t he channel to snag some leftovers from my old camp. POOF...she gone. At first I thought it particular to the Helm, but then I remembered seeing the option to transport to other realms and I realized it was like Genesis...a map I spent 2 days on. 

My parasaur alerted me to a visitor. It turned out to be a 180 Tek Rex. I got all excited, built a dino gate, repaired my crossbow and rifle and made a few more of each narc ammo. I flew back after I left to make two bear traps.  All prepared, and totally not thinking about the "realm" crap I never dealt with, I lead the beast into the compound and into a single entry chamber on the right. Caught in the bear trap, I had plenty of time to place a gate. Shooting the beast was sketchy as there was lots of room for it to move inside, but with only a couple arrows left, it fell asleep. So then I make the stupid decision to fly back across the channel to get easy prime meat from the baby kairuku. POOF...she gone.

Don't bother to tame anything if you don't already have the meats...if it means you leave the realm...where ever that may end...

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I wondered if something was going on. While I never lost a tame due to it disappearing, I have had MULTIPLE instances of dino's I was tracking and wanted to tame up, only to find they disappeared when I went to go get the taming kit, or when I had to farm resources to replenish the kit. Due to this, I have lost quetzals I wanted to tame, a giga I wanted to tame, and a dozen this and that that I wanted to tame.

Used to be an issue in the caves, but I seen what happens once.....anytime you go into a cave and the creatures spawn, if you leave the cave, the floors disappear and everything falls under the map and drowns. I watched the taming icon of a level 145 Megalania I knocked out slowly fall down, and then the health of the creature began to go down just like it was drowning. All because I forgot to bring extra narco with me and I tried to race back to base for some.

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13 hours ago, kyranight said:

Seems intentional as it makes sense kinda. Just make sure to bring everything you need and extra to avoid situations like that.

It kinda makes sense if you have experience with Genesis. Not so much if you are limited to The Island, Crystal Isles, Ragnarök and Lost Island.  You see, it was early game and I had very little going on. My parasaur alerted me to the 180 tek rex "gift" right at the gate of my camp in Helm's Deep. If I had any clue at all, I would have just taken the brontos and stegos for prime. I thought I could  get easy prime from across the channel and move a few more supplies from my base in that area. I have played Ark for 2.5 years and have never even seen a 180 tek rex. I did get some sort of anomalous level 588 rexes from Lost Island...a breeding pair actually. So it's not like I have never tamed anything awesome, but those are anomalies and not ... standard. My chances of ever seeing another 180 tek rex are slim without probably a week of farming rexes, so I was very sad. It was such an awesome tame in the Keep as well...sigh. 

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