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Can't download free DLCs on Steam [ I.e., Ragnarok ].

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Not sure where this goes, and it might be a Steam issue...  I own Ark on PS4.  Saw that it was currently free on Steam, so downloaded it.  Also saw that Ragnarok was free, and Ragnarok is my favorite map.  On the store page, clicked the download button.  Instead of downloading, it opens the game.  While in-game (main screen), I hit Shift + Tab to go back to the Steam store.  Again, clicked on the download link.  This time, a pop-up comes up, asking me if I own the Steam app.  Obviously I do, since I'm getting this pop-up through Steam (derp?).  I can click "yes" as many times as I want, and nothing happens.  I click once on "No", and I'm immediately redirected to download Steam.


So, why can't I download the free DLCs?  I'm not the only one having this issue.  It's all over the Steam discussions tab, and no one has any ideas.  My roomie is having the exact same issues.  Anyone else also having this issue?


Edit:  I just realized I probably posted this in the wrong spot.  

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