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pve PvE Lost Island/Crystal Isles - 1x Xp/ 15x Tame/ 2.5x Harvest/ 50x Breeding

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The Realms is excited to invite new players into our community! 

Our community is filled with Ark players both new and old alike, all looking for a fun and exciting time in Ark filled with community driven events to spice things up! We have a nice selection of mods to enhance the game such as Super Structures, Castle and Keeps, The Death Recovery Mod, and more! We've also added Ark Omega if you're looking for more than vanilla.

What sets us apart from other servers?

~Extremely customized server that goes beyond the base game and mods

~Customized item stacking

~Cross-Ark chat, so everyone can stay connected

~Creatures specific changes such as the Meks

All changes we make are done without any mods, which means you won’t experience any additional load time! Unlike normal servers which tend to stack a huge list of mods.

Want an easier start? We offer starting a dino, along with metal tools! You can pick from Parasaur, Stego, Iguanadon, or Pelagornis all spawned in at max level, and given a saddle! Go to our community center to retrieve your stuff today!

Please view our discord community for settings, events and mods!


Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2687806984

Discord Group - https://discord.gg/f362esWBV3

Crystal Isles IP:

Lost Island IP:


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