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I love this game so much and use to play it on pc but the pc one has already fulfilled its major problems but this has so much potential it’s amazing so I think instead of adding maps they should just add a huge map full of everything that is on pc and it could be a p2 play update like a DLC for mobile but yeah and must of the dinosaurs that are on the island on pc aren’t on mobile and I still think that is unfair because they don’t get to feel the full experience of the game Ik wildcard may be a little sus by my idea but since new phones are coming out more people are likely to get ark and it’s a win win for both sides so yeah I think this is my idea I really hope wildcard at least consider my idea but I think wild card should listen to its community the community is the must important part of a game and they should get a say in up coming updates just like the Dino vote on pc mobile should get Dino vote to I hope you enjoy reading this is did enjoy writing it so thank you :)

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