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May Survivor League Championship Winners & Summer Cup Update!


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Summer Cup Update!

We’re excited to announce the first set of teams (from the May 2016 Survivor League qualifiers) that were able to successfully qualify for the Summer Cup Semi Final Match! The winning teams from the Final Match will be invited to be flown out to the ARK Survival of the Fittest Season One: Summer Cup in Shanghai, China at ChinaJoy 2016 and get the chance to compete for over $40,000!

To read more details about the Summer Cup just check out: http://playark.com/summercup/

And without further ado, the teams which have successfully qualified for the Semi Finals are:

Tribe: Barside Brawlers
Members: Fuzee, Bardave, The Tyrant, and Spur

Tribe: Kitty Cats
Members: MOLNMAN, HANNIBAL, Bertman, and Wilson Wilson

Members: lunde, pbot, piespace, and Fmentz

Tribe: KappaPride
Members: Vinz, Deki, PedroSaltana, and Rezy

Tribe: Carnivore Drop
Members: D a r k r e l l, KireGame, 9e9e9, and adriancarballo

Tribe: Arma Poulet
Members: xutv, Blad, Warlock, and Oni

Tribe: The Rejects
Members: Flex, Bobster, Frumm, and TVA04

Tribe: YGD 
Members: Bilbobagins, Wiener_Schnitzel, #JJ#, and Iratus.exe 

Tribe: Silky Smooth
Members: Celine, Uhivra, Claus, Jigsaw

Tribe: PsychoSocial
Members: SonnyDreamX3, PSYCHOxnc, Hanseatenpower, and sgibba


Important Notice Regarding the Teams

We were approached last night by a tribe who had participated in the Survivor League qualifiers claiming that they should have placed in the top 10. Our early examination of the results indicated that this would have been the case, but due to an error with the fourth member - they were skipped out on. However, upon re-examination of the score, we have found that they are indeed correct and have readjusted the teams accordingly. Tribe YDG have now qualified for the Summer Cup Semi Finals and Tribe Chinese Storytellers will have to compete in this month's league to secure qualification. We will be watching the league as it progresses, in the event that there are not enough qualified full-teams at the end of the league, certain teams will receive invites to the semi final game, based on their performance throughout the two months and previous SotF Experience. Thank you for staying diligent towards the game and letting us know about our error. We apologize for any confusion, and if anyone else would like to get in touch - feel free to do so, just contact Jat@studiowildcard.com and all claims will be looked into! 



These were the teams who had the collected highest points following May’s Survivor League Qualifier Rankings! We’d like to congratulate them on their valiant play and look forward to them participating in the upcoming match next July!

Don’t worry for those of you who haven’t yet qualified, you still have another chance by playing through the 4v4 Survivor League ladder during June (visible in real-time here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/survivor-league/ )! The scores were pretty close all together, and we’ll be hoping to invite another 10 teams to the match.

The invited teams will be set a special group invite and friends request on Steam from http://steamcommunity.com/id/SoTFLeague/ to get you setup for that match in July!

Good luck to all Survivors out there and let’s see who gets crowned the Season One Summer Cup Champions of ARK: Survival of the Fittest!


Survivor League Winners

We had 3 exciting play off games, one for each mode and these were the contestants who proved that they were the fittest survivors of May! They have earned a place in the Survivor League archive as well as their share of $85,600 in cash!

May Survivor League Championship Winners

This prize pool is actually a bit larger than normal haha. Due to an error on our part during the Playoff FFA Game - we ended up with a 6-way tie for first place, and for this reason - we'll be awarding all players with first place, and then from there going down - so we actually had a total of 15 winners!

We’ll be reaching out to the winners over the coming days to collect the information required to get your prizes sent out to you! Look out for contact made by Jat!

Twitch Stream

If you hadn't had a chance to watch the stream, don't worry - you can check out the vod! We streamed all three matches on our twitch channel where it'll remain available for you guys to watch.


The games were casted by TypeForced, a known and avid SotF player and we'd like to thank him for helping us out and covering BikeMan without much notice - there was a bit of a hiccup at the start but it was a great stream nonetheless!

As for the specific matches, you can check out each one when they start here:

FFA: https://www.twitch.tv/survivetheark/v/70543333

2 Player Tribes: https://www.twitch.tv/survivetheark/v/70543821

4 Player Tribes: https://www.twitch.tv/survivetheark/v/70544260

Survivor League Qualification!

The scores have been reset next Survivor League qualification process has begun! Good luck to all Survivors who hope to compete in the upcoming Championship match for June!

You can check out where you place on the current rankings at:


All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK: Survival of the Fittest Team

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Good Job guys, this was a much better way to end the season and generated some hype at the same time, with the vods for people to watch back should generate a bit of interest in this seasons league.

Interesting decision on the 6 way tie too! I can never complain though It was sad we didn't get to murder each other!


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I want to see the math based on which you decided which teams are top 10 because YGD and Unity had more points than Chinese Storytellers and Psychosocial when the league ended (June 1st).


Daddygaming disappeared on us, leaving us with only 3 members and that seems to be why Unity didn't qualify. All the hate we endured from people because of having him on our team and now in the end he just bails without saying anything. I guess we should have known better.

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