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First person view is important in ARK


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On 7/15/2022 at 3:16 PM, Mephilis78 said:

If you want to make a "completely different kind of game" don't do it in a sequel with an invested fan base.  Do your experiment on a new IP.  This is common sense that appears to be lacking across the entire entertainment Industry.  Instead of Ark being unique,  next gen ark will be described as "like" something else. 


Imagine if Jurassic World Evolution 2 came out and it was a Battle Royale fps game.. 

Imagine if the next Call of Duty was an RTS Tower builder,  with multiplayer. 

Considering this game can be modded....why can't modders add 1st player view in for those who want it? 

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I think with how little information has been released about gameplay, there are a lot of assumptions we have to make based on how the original game has been played. I am hopeful for fluid combat and gameplay that works well with the weaponry and the creatures. I think while sequels should be similar to the originals, I am hopeful that all the good aspects of ARK: Survival Evolved by technifiser will be adapted to whatever they come up with as a new system.

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