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I Need Help Understanding Creature Submissions


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I have an idea that I want to submit, BUT, im not sure if my idea would qualify and i don't want to waste time submitting if it can't qualify. I understand submissions arent being accepted now, i would just like to show the community my idea.

Rules say:

"Must be a real-world extinct/prehistoric creature (dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles etc)"

Looking at the Desmodeus. Bats are real. But there aren't any bats that turn invisible in real life. Applying this logic, Does this mean that I could have a real life creature, but give it abilities that it wouldn't have in real life and make it live in a biome that it wouldnt live in in real life? How accurate does the creature have to be?

Example: could I have a real life Gecko (which would comply with the rule above) , but give it ice abilities and have it live in caves in the snow biome in the game? <---this is not my actual idea btw.

Will appreciate any response thankyou :)

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4 hours ago, Chrysa1is said:

I understand submissions arent being accepted now

Correct - there is no more creature completions going on, and the map scheduled for mid July is the LAST official release on Ark I. So whatever you do is not gonna get into the official game.

Having said that - by all means post here for general comment .... And cause it's not "for realsies" , you can use or break any or all of the submission rules :).

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