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Imprinting Settings Needed

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When I launched Lost Island, I changed from checking "single player" to just playing PVE.  Back in the day, I had settings that would allow 3-4 imprints on boss fighting sized critters like yuty, rex etc. and I had maturation at 2-3 times normal...cannot remember.

I would like settings that allow me to get 20%-33% per imprint at 20-45 minutes cycles. I like to feel the game, but have no interest in one touch imprinting for 100%. I also don't want to wait an hour for 10%. I wish I could find a resource that would list possibilities in tangible terms. Trying to figure out the math with no clear starting point is tough. Is the default 1? is it really 36000 something but listed at 1? 1/55 what?  

Trial and error sucks. The best I got going is to hatch stegos for 17-18 minutes and then wait another 17 minutes to see how tight the time is.

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I see this is in dedicated server discussions? sorry about that. I seem to have issues not only with the game, but with this forum. 🙂  anyhow, I managed to stumble across an interactive spreadsheet that leads me to believe a maturation speed of 30 and a cuddle interval multiplier of .087 should give me results I can live with. I'll let you know?


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