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Extinction osd lore


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Hello you out of the map leaving on cliff plats monkey scrub lords, today is goin be about....LORE!~


So my main question is why are osd a thing, whos sending them and why?

The ones who made the ship obviously can't possibly be it because both factions hate each other


Perhaps maybe the arks are responsible for sending those drops? 


What do you scurbs think? Please share your theories!

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Posted (edited)

Actually, they likely are from the ship. Thing is, the two factions made up when they realized what they were doing to the planet, and they agreed to work together. The Terran Federation made the Genesis ship, and the other faction (not sure what the name is) made the ARKs. But then, the Genesis ship is way off in a different place, not even in this solar system, maybe they're from the ARKs? I'm not actually sure. But then, the supply drops from the ARKs look considerably different, so I'm not sure myself.

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It's pretty interesting, perhaps the drops are from the arks


It could be from rockwell himself wanting survivors to be at their "best" for reasons we may not know, to give false hope perhaps, but properly it would be very likely the ARKS, would be responsible since they are in the same system 


Sadly and obviously both factions died and will never see what happens, onto ark 2!

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