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Aucasaurus the stalking dino



info and extra stuff. Aucasaurus is a giant dino with short arms. My concept about this dino is that  it has a powerful roar that can not just scare away dinos, but make them a tad bit weak its cooldown is 1 minute and this has a drawback it gets part of its health down and it get a 40 second energy decrease the aucasaurus has a powerful bite it can stomp wich does a powerful attack  but its slow and has a 1 minute and 30 second cooldown not just that the aucasaurus has a kick ability its big legs and stable body lets it to be able to kick pushing back the enemy having a bleeding effect and because it has long and stable legs it runs a slight bit faster than other dinos. Its color variations help it camouflage in the wild to help it hunt it will protects its eggs till its death. People might even say acting like a worried parent, always  they keep  close eyes to their kids and it wont even them leave from its mother vision, it will only be able to roam by itself is only when its an adult.

biom. This dinosaur will be in a forest, snow biome, swamp or in the new forge area in the new fjordur map and in the dark, it can camouflage well and mostly lives there due to its ability to camouflage with its environment and its stalking ability.


tamming . The only way to tame this dino is when its sleeping but good luck because its random if you fail it will make a noise wich alerts all the other Aucasaurus And wake them up, but if you are lucky it will start to get tame. Also, there's will be a new mechanic, for example if you make to much noise it will wake up and alert the other aucasaurus .



ability. This ferosus stalking dino has a few qualities starting with night vision good for stalking and has fast run because of its long legs and its stalking ability makes it able to get a critical hit if it observes its foes routens and actons staring at them with fire in their eyes waiting for the right time to strike.




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