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Saddles for Creatures like griffins and shadowmanes.



So basically there are these creatures that are rideable without a saddle or don't even have one, BUT, what if there could be saddles that you could make to get buffs and bonuses like extra EXP, +2 X Flight Speed, 5 X low health damage, and rider imprinted boosts but instead of imprinted its... actually scrap that last part, but you could also add attachments to these saddles such as storage attachments, gun attachments, or even TEK light attachments, and it would be better for role players who are pretending to be lost explorers who can't ride them without the saddles, i know a lot of people aren't going to see this but if you do tell other people cause this is something i (and few other people, well maybe) want to see this so yeah that's my idea

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It's a neat idea. In a PVE context it'd be amazing to see these types of features. Even more so on more saddles than just these theoretical ones for creatures that dont have em.

I run into the issue of how to balance such implementations though in PVP. Any bonus abilities given by attachments like that I feel would need to be balanced out to not be overly broken in PVP, and honestly even in PVE. I remember the days when griffins one shot stuff in PVP and PVE, and that wasn't super fun as there was no challenge in the fast flier also being a devastation DPS.

What other kinds of attachments would you include in such an idea, and what ways could it potentially be balanced I guess are my only questions on this?

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