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4 hours ago, Koolkatamber87 said:

So I think it would be cool if you could come across a ruin or broken building and it would tell you how much wood stone thatch and metal it would take to fix it so you can just fix it to be your house

I absolutely agree.....The small ruins in the middle of the river on lost island looked so close to being something like that, I just wish it could all be rebuilt. Like even if it asked for insane amounts of resources to be rebuilt......the church, the houses, especially the blacksmith! Maybe there can be some sort of passive benefits to rebuilding it too. Town Smithy requires 15% less resources to build with, or maybe has an extra 150 slots to work with. Church allows faster healing.

I even seen a small ruins in the swamp region to the south in Lost Island ontop of a cliff side. Thought to myself that that would be a really cool place to have rebuilt for a single player! Sadly it seems only people with the ability to mod things can do that. =/

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