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pvp fix Not PVE, not PVP, but MIXED mode. PVPE. What do you think about it?



PVP mode is exhausting - people cant work, cant go school, have to watch and carry the bases all days.
PVE mode is lazy and overbuilt - pillars everywhere, lags, overgrown bases, dino galleries etc

So i was thinking about mixed mode. Its not official proposition, im not mod creator, its my personal brainstorm suggested for you to discuss at. I was thinking about mixed mode PVPE.

If its stupid or worthless idea just forget it :)


PVPE mode:

1) All tribes at the beginning are damage protected peace mode (like PVE) except structures as described in 2nd point
2) If any tribe attacks other (at least 2 structure elements broken) it turns on violating peace mode for max 24 hours

 a) Attacked tribe is alerted just like parasaur turret alert
 b) Attacked tribe is protected for 24 hours unless they decide to fight back right away (decide to turn war mode)
 c) If attacked tribe dont fight back attacked tribe is protected from more damage of attackers and can prepare to fight for next 24 hours
 d) if attacked tribe decide to fight right away or in next 24 hours - war mode begins
 e) after 24 hours war begins - both sides can turn on peace mode.
 f) peace mode activates in 1 hour from war mode decay time

4) War mode is just like PVP between two tribes.

5) Notice - You can not take dropped things of other tribes or claim any dinos in war mode unless its from your tribe or enemy tribe

6) Notice - Violating peace mode or during war mode none of attackers can transfer players, items and dinos

7) FEATURE - In violating peace mode or during war mode attacked tribe can see all enemy players at map.



How do you feel about that?

In my opinion this mode can clean many PVE overweighting problems and for PVP - people can log in to bases every day, not every hour or permanent. There is  fixed problem of different timezones.. for example when Chinese sleeps, European plays and vice versa. Total ORP dont fix problem, PVP becomes just like PVE.
If you are interested in topic please write your suggestions, possible exploits, defects of this idea.



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