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Servers were wiped today 20th of April 2022, first time since oppening. Enjoy your play.

We are DinoPlexEuropean ARK community established in 2015., which consists of vanilla ARK servers that are in one cluster, from time to time we expand our cluster with new maps. We are multilingual community. 

If you are looking for a friendly and family safe community, playing without lags, trash and pillars all over the map, without blocked caves and obelisks, look no more, you found one, because we are here from the very beggining.

NEW DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/U8AXWm4UtV



Our server cluster has default x2 multipliers and supporter multipliers which are charged monthly :


  • Bronze x3 [5eur]
  • Silver x5  [10eur]
  • Gold x10 [20eur]

Available Server Chat Commands:
 /shop - displaying server shop
 /kit - displaying server kits
 /buykit - buys server kit eg. /buy giga 1 (buys one giga kit)
 /kit (kitname) - uses server kit eg. /kit giga (spawns giga with saddle)
 /stats - view stats of tamed or wild dinos 
 /rename - change dino name into it's stats
 /farm - enables / disables solo farm feature

Notice: To avoid "pay2win" scenario, supporter rates are applied only on experience, harvesting and taming. All other settings such as breeding, imprint and other timers are default for all players. The main purpose of supporter rates is to bring Ark close for those players who do not have time to grind, but still wanna enjoy in the game, and to reduce servers cost. 

Support rate users are not allowed to team up or help other players by taming dinos or harvesting resources for them with their boosted rates. If found, user will be banned from the server and supporter rates will be cancelled. Supporter rates are also available for tribe membes, in that case to avoid rates abuse, price is calculated by multiplying rates price with max tribe members allowed by server. Rates are not refundable.

So if you are looking to get back to the roots, with a lot of grinding or just enjoy casual playing via supporter rates, choose your path, we are the right community for you.



  • One base per tribe is allowed. 
  • One teleporter per biome is allowed
  • You are not allowed to leave traps, pillars, dinos, or to do any sort of land griefing over the servers.
  • If you are using obelisks to go into Boss Arenas, you need to move dinos from obelisk as soon as you are finished with Boss Fight
  • It is strictly forbidden to build in resources rich areas. 
  • It is strictly forbidden to block Castroides dam spawn by building near lakes.
  • It is strictly forbidden to build structures on rafts if player allready has developed main base.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave raft over the map, except in front of / near your base.
  • You are not allowed to spoil game for other players by blocking rivers, obelisks, caves, or any part of the map that can't be accessed via secondary route.
  • You are not allowed to have anything outside your base except one oil pump, one gas collector, one tree, cliff or ocean platform.
  •  If you have more than one ocean platform connected or close to each other, it will be considered as personal or tribe base.
  • We do not tollerate any type or innapropriate behavior, so be police to other players


Notice: Base is considered to be largest structure in your personal or tribe ownership. Every base should be visibly surrounded by walls, spikes or gates, in order to be clearly visible to other players. Please be aware that claiming abnormal parts of the map in order to have more space than you really need will also be considered as land griefing. Due to our rules policy, you do not need to claim as much space as possible, instead gradually expand your base space as much as you need. 

Servers are on Dedicated Machines, with gigabit fiber optic link located in Germany.
We do not wipe our servers, but there is a strict policy about leaving traps, dinos and garbage, wich we do not tolerate at all. 


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