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pvp Any advise

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On the first map the island. Was empty apart when I joined. Then a few noobs started to join. Been playing solo for a couple of weeks. Got myself an Argi. Loving life. 

Then out of no where some guy crossed servers and wiped everyone out with two wyvern and a Shadowmane (what ever that is). 

This guy is doing this daily. No one can play on this server as he's let his wyverns roam free. 

How do I kill these things solo? Or should I just leave the server. 

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Would be amazing if we lived in an ideal world. Just watched the chat box tonight. I refuse  to tame another argi. Those wyvern pop out of no where.

Two new people joined. They thought he was friendly. Destroyed them. Didn't even let them get to stone. They literally had nothing. Their one dino eaten. Oh boy were they raging.


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Yes gigas kill wyerverns. Shadowmane is a creature from genisis Part 2 and is a fake animal. If not that tame a couple stegos or such and use them. They are awesome soakers but make sure to  tame a higher lvl one. Or if one is after you just run to a bronto or other large animal.

sorry you have to deal with this it sounds like a pain in the butt~ hancho.chanco

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I'm on Xbox.

Been reading alot on this game and been grinding my character. Seeking exp nodes whilst grinding stuff. I've reached level 93. I'm really feeling the false accomplishment side. LoL. I've set myself a goal of reach level 100 then moving to the next map. Scorched earth sounds interesting.. 

I do love a challenge so I'm sticking around for a bit to see what I can do.

I'm thinking of grappling onto its wings and shotgunning him to the face repeatedly. I just know for sure this is going to be one hell of a pain as I have a 7% chance of achievement. 

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